Your Time Is Sacred

This is one of my favorite overlooks

What is sacred? It can be a feeling of reverence, awe, and connection to something greater. The word sacred comes from Latin word sacrare, sacr meaning ‘holy.’ Many of us feel disconnected from the concept of sacredness. At an earlier point in my life, I felt disconnected from the concept of sacredness. For example, waking up to an abrupt alarm, I would subject myself to the onslaught of obligations I created in my life. Tasks themselves feel like a means to an end instead of meaningful actions. I made space for others in my life out of obligation. At the end of the day, I would feel drained and unfulfilled. There was no connection beyond my need to complete tasks to get to the next day.

The question is, how do we take back our time? How can we make it sacred? Well, the thing is, your time was always yours, to begin with. We experience a lack of time, but the truth is, we can create an experience of space for endless time. We could suspend time to create whatever feeling we want in this space. Sounds like science fiction, right? Do you want to read more about the human experience? In that case, I highly recommend the book, The Spell of the Sensuous by David Abram. Time is an abstract concept, so taking time and holding it sacred must be experienced to integrate it into your experience.

The first step is to be aware of how you give away your time. This is crucial for those in the helping profession who spend most of their time focusing on others. It will take some effort to reign back your energy to focus on yourself. You will feel the invisible tug to focus on outside factors.

The second step will be to discover what resonates with you. What creates a connection for you. What I mean by connection is that feeling of relationship to yourself and forces outside of yourself. Some find this in religion, and some find this in spiritual practices. You might not have this connection as part of your life and have to discover what this is. Try finding a spot in nature to sit. Use your senses to feel what area pulls you in. There is no right or wrong way to do this; you are exercising your ability to tune into your feelings. This can take a while because we might have to separate what we feel to be true for ourselves from what we have been conditioned to think.

When you find what creates a connection for you, you can use this as a tool for creating sacred time. This time has been set aside as something essential. You get to feel into a space that transforms your present experience into one of more significant meaning. This is all you, your time, without the outside pulling you in every direction. Although there is no one way to accomplish this experience, I hope you can use this as a guideline to establish a sacred time for yourself. If you feel like you live in a vacuum and need some guidance, I invite you to check out my service page and book a free Nature Connected Coaching consultation.

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