Nature Connected Coaching and Integrative Manual Therapy

Now Starts The Journey of Your Lifetime

A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing

~Maya Angelou

Whether out in nature or in the comfort of your own home, I invite you to let me guide you through challenges and triumphs

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Womxn Circle Join me for dialogue,
connection and reflection
while we dive into the
world of women
archetypal patterns.

Come see the latest on growth and change

Womxn Circle

Join me for dialogue, connection, and reflection while we dive into the world of women’s archetypal patterns. If your stories no longer serve you, you seek connection with others and the natural world; this circle is for you. Enroll here!

Your Time Is Sacred

What is sacred? It can entail a feeling of reverence, awe, and connection to something greater. The word sacred comes from Latin word sacrare, sacr meaning ‘holy.’ In other word, sacred is a verb and must be wielded with intention. Many of us feel disconnected from the concept of sacredness. At an earlier point in…

About Me

Hello, I’m Adriana McManus, a nature-connected coach and integrative manual therapist. I help people reconnect with their inner wisdom and natural healing abilities through holistic approaches that honor the mind, body and spirit. I offer coaching sessions, workshops and retreats that combine nature-based practices, mindfulness, somatic awareness and creative expression. My goal is to support you in finding your authentic voice, cultivating your resilience and living with more joy and purpose.

As a nature-connected coach, I use the power of nature to inspire you to explore your values, passions and dreams. I guide you to discover the lessons and metaphors that nature offers for your personal and professional growth. I also help you create a deeper connection with yourself, others and the Earth. As an integrative manual therapist, I use gentle hands-on techniques to release tension, pain and trauma from your body. I work with your nervous system, fascia, organs and energy systems to restore balance and harmony. I also teach you self-care practices that empower you to take charge of your own healing process.








Founded in 2015 by Adriana McManus, located in Carmichael CA.

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